9-week half hour lesson session $270 or $90/month

9-week hour lesson session $450 or $150/month

Discounts for lessons on your own horse.  

The Big Bear Equestrian Center at Bear Valley Farms is home to the only PATH International-certified therapeutic riding center in the San Bernardino mountains. Programming available for children and adults with or without disabilities, including veterans and the military.

Therapeutic Riding Lesson Locations

Therapeutic riding and horsemanship lessons are offered at EQUU8 Murrieta. With arena and sensory trail experiences, our riders return session after session to face and overcome physical, cognitive, and psychological limitations with a beloved herd of specially trained horses. Click the image above for lesson location in Murrieta.


Alisa Corbett, Chairperson

Shirley Nye, Vice Chair

Maureen Franks, Secretary

Mellany Miller, Treasurer

Jody Barrett, Trustee

Elena Young, Trustee

Past Chairmen of the Board of Trustees:
Siri Champion, 2014
Kathy Armsby, 2015-2016

Staff of Certified Instructors
Suzanne Hodges

Sierra Moreno

Hailey Christiansen

EQUU8 Big Bear

EQUU8 Murrieta

EQUU8 operates riding lessons and therapeutic riding in Big Bear and Murrieta, bringing its philosophies of horsemanship and PATH International certified therapeutic riding to riders with a variety of individual needs in Southern California.

Pricing for once weekly lessons


EQUU8 Horsemanship and therapeutic riding