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UPDATE 2/17/23

So much as been going on as we recover from the COVID closures. The horses are back to work and enjoying their time with the participants. We made it through some of our toughest times with the help of Fuel for Life (Southwest Gas Company employees), Purple Reins Racing, and other many other donors and volunteers. Now, we have been gifted with an opportunity to build a covered round pen, which will allow us to provide programming year-round! Rain, wind, and heat can't stop us now! Stay tuned for updates and pictures. 

In addition to cash gifts,  EQUU8 is grateful to accept in-kind donations, and our horses (many of whom are considered seniors) have daily needs.

Senior Needs:
• EQUIOXX or PREVICOX (Vet Prescription: Dr. McNeel at SoCal Equine)

• Alfalfa/Bermuda Pellets

• Stall mats

EQUU8 Horsemanship and therapeutic riding

Past wishes that supporters have helped us with:

UPDATE: 3/8/19
Both EQUU8 Murrieta and EQUU8 Big Bear facilities sustained flood damage on donated properties during the very rainy winter season. In addition to arena footing, decomposed granite and stall footing, we need tractor assistance, fence repair, and painting.


At EQUU8, know that your generous donation is going toward the cause. Our wheelchair accessible ramps were purchased with more than $8,000 donated by the two amazing communities we serve and we have given over $50,000 in scholarships to riders with disabilities thanks to sponsors like YOU.

We wish for concrete footings for the recently acquired Arena and Trail lights for our Murrieta facility.  This provides evening lessons rather than cancellations.