Whiskers has recently entered the program for both independent riders and on lead riders. He is happy to help and doing a great job!

in memory — our gone but not forgotten therapy Horses

Piet has a special story. She came to us from Northern CA with Sierra. Alisa went to pick up Sierra and came back with her best friend. Piet could barely walk. She was suffering from a condition called laminitis. After a year of rehab, she began training to become an EQUU8 horse. She has become a special part of the program because she is smaller and narrow, so she is perfect for our riders needing more support.

Sierra has become a star at EQUU8 for both mounted and unmounted activities. She came to us from Northern CA with her best bud, Piet.

Cherry was our rescued, gray Arab/Andalusian anything-goes kinda girl. We lost Cherry in Spring of 2023. Her "smile" is missed by everyone who knew her.

Our therapy horses deserve the utmost respect for the work that they do for EQUU8. The EQUU8 Adopt-a-Horse program is a way to express your appreciation for one or more special members of our herd. Your donation of $800 or more helps pay for hay, grain, shoes, supplements, and veterinary care.

As an adoptee, you get:  • Visits and electronic updates during the year 

• Plaque bearing your name, horse, and adoption year to be placed on our arenas  

• Pictures with your horse for Christmas  • Thanks from our horses for your support!

The unshakable Smokey can carry our tiniest beginners and gives walk, trot, canter lessons. As one of the original EQUU8 horses, she continues to be a rock for EQUU8.

4/26/18: Hearts are broken over the untimely loss of our  teddy bear fjord horse, whose life took a turn from a sad situation with neglectful people to finding kindness & trust in us at EQUU8. His impact with trauma victims resonates to this day. He was only 15. We miss you, Thor.

We lost Jack in 2022. He was as steady as they come, with a huge heart and a slow, gentle walk.

4/17/17: Oh, the loss of this horse shook our world. A former ranch working horse, Bob carried our precious cargo, greeted guests at EQUU8 Murrieta, and made everyone feel at ease until he passed away at the ripe old age of 40. Thank you Alisa for sharing Bob with us!

EQUU8 Horsemanship and therapeutic riding

therapeutic lesson Horses — Help us by "adopting" a horse!

We have some horses not listed that we will be updating soon. Our trusty Bandit has been with EQUU8 for several years now. We also have two new additions to EQUU8; Gen, the mini donkeys, our other farm animals, and the ponies and rescue donkey. They have become so loved by the participants. And more...

If you have the perfect horse for EQUU8 that could help us to continue to offer this program to the community, please reach out to us. We are looking to add one or two horses to the program.

Scotty, aka Scotbot, is the class clown horse-dog at EQUU8.
Past yearly adoption:  Thank you Liz & Ralph de laOssa

Nifty is a sensitive walk-only girl that takes excellent care of her riders. Nifty is nearing retirement and could use a sponsor to help with her retirement care.